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Deep Brain Simulation
Clara Chamadoira

Dr. Clara Chamadoira obtained her degree in Medicine and Surgery at University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (1996-2002).

Training in Neurosurgery - Hospital de São João, Porto, Portugal.

Neurosurgery Assistant since 2010 - Neurosurgery Department, Hospital São João, Porto - Functional Neurosurgery Unit.

Specially interested since her training time in deep brain stimulation (DBS) and its application in Movement Disorders, Pain treatment and Psychiatry.

Also interested in Epilepsy Surgery, helped to develop the Hospital São João Epilepsy Surgery Unit. She participated in more than 70 theorical and practical courses, and published more than 15 scientific articles and book chapters

State of IOM
Joseph Moreira

Dr. Joseph Moreira is a board-certified Neurologist practicing in the US. He did his Fellowship in Electromyography, Neuromuscular disease and Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (IONM) at Cornell and Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr Moreira practiced IONM for 25 years and monitored over 15,000 cases. He served as President of the American Society of Neurophysiologic Monitoring and is currently a board member. Dr Moreira has co-authored Practice Guidelines for the Monitoring Professional in IONM and is currently involved in a multi societal IONM practice Guideline. Dr Moreira practiced Adult Neurology and focused his practice on Disorders of the spine and Neurodiagnostic testing. He has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology at Cornell, New York Medical College and New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dr Moreira currently practices remote physician oversight of IONM. He is interested in the international application, expansion and worldwide education of IONM.

Transthyretin familial amyloid polyneuropathy – clinical and neurophysiological aspects
Márcio Cardoso

Márcio Neves Cardoso graduated with a medical degree from the University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil in 2002. He subsequently completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Hospital das Clínicas Complex, São Paulo, Brazil, in 2004. Afterwards, in Portugal, he completed a residency in Neurology, at Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto, in 2011, and Clinical Neurophysiology subspecialisation, at the same hospital, in 2014. In this period, Dr Márcio has worked as a Neurophysiology and Neuromuscular Fellow at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, UK, in 2010 and as a Neurophysiology Fellow at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Spain, in 2013. 

Since 2011, Dr Cardoso has been working as a neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist at Centro Hospitalar Univesitário do Porto (Porto – Portugal), particularly at the Unidade Corino de Andrade (formerly Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy Outpatient Clinic) and Neurophysiology Department and Neuromuscular Outpatient Clinic. He has presented on the subject of Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy at a number of scientific meetings. Dr Cardoso is a member of the Portuguese Neurology Society; the Portuguese Association of EEG and Clinical Neurophysiology; and the Portuguese Society for Neuromuscular Diseases Studies.

Kátia Vadrez
Graduated in Neurophysiology in 2010 by CESPU and Master in Public Health in 2013 by FMUP/ICBAS.
Research Scholarship since 2011 to 2018 at Corino de Andrade Unit of Centro Hospitalar of University of Porto, responsible for the various assessments in Neurophysiological disorders of patients with amiloydotic familiar polineuropathy, including Quantiative Sensory Testing, Heart Rate Deep Breathing, Quantitative Sudomotor Axon Reflex Test, Sudoscan, Simpathetic Skin Response and Nerve Conduction Studies.
Since September 2018 Clinical Neurophysiologist at the Neurophysiology service of Centro Hospitalar da Universidade do Porto, maintaining the same connection with the unit Corino de Andrade.
Sacral Nerve Stimulation
Manuel Castanheira de Oliveira
Medical Graduation by the University of Coimbra in 2003.

Legal Medicine Post-Graduation by the Legal Medicine National Institute in 2007.

Urology Residency at Centro Hospitalar do Porto – Hospital de Santo António from 2005 to 2011.

Fellowship of the European Board of Urology in 2013.


Consultant Urologist at Centro Hospitalar do Porto – Hospital de Santo António since 2012.

Coordinator of the Urothelial Oncology Unit of the Urology Department of Centro Hospitalar do Porto.

Legal Medicine Expert Physician at the Legal Medicine National Institute since 2008.


Main areas of interest: Neurourology and Urogynecology, Urological Oncology, Reconstructive Urology, Minimally Invasive Surgery.


Is presently developing clinical and translational research on liquid biopsy in different urological oncologic diseases.

Scientific reviewer of several international peer-reviewed journals. 

Maria João Primoroso
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